Instaxion Guide

Multiple links for your Social networks

Instaxion is a very powerful landing page creation tool, in which you will be able to show in a single link, a single url all your resources placed on the internet.

Platform interface

A very fine color palette in which it was decided to place in a single url of this beautiful and useful platform all its means of contact, visibility, services and therefore sales, as you can see there with an interface with soft colors, so artistic like Instagram and it will help you get the most out of this social network.

Registration on the Platform:

Put all your dataName, email, a strong password, solve the CaptchaConfirm that you have read and understood the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the site.

You will immediately receive an email to verify and activate your Instaxion account, check your email or, failing that, the spam bin.

Now you only have to activate your account by clicking here.

Your account has been activated.

Immediately proceed to the login with the credentials, your email and passwords that you have configured for the platform and enter.

Choose your package

You must choose your package and you have the option of using the

Trial with 7 days free, Basic and Premium.

Each package has its advantages and functionalities, you decide which one to take
to have an excellent platform to synergize all your resources.

Instaxion is a great platform that can be used by everyone, Marketers, students, advertisers, communicators, artists, and your clients can also do it by generating broad relationships interconnecting through Instaxion to all your platforms and profiles in that great Global URL.

Direct integration with means or payment buttons, direct and personalized contacts that with all your platforms in one place allows you to reach your target audience through that single URL generated by Instaxion.

Templates Store

We have created for you on the site an extraordinary Store of Templates with designs suitable for multiple themes and for the symbolic value of One dollar ($ 1).
A negligible figure for the quality and functionalities as well as the great value that they will provide you, a total connection with all your friends and followers.

We will wait for you

This and many other advanced functions, which we present on the official site, we put at your disposal